TempTraq Wearable Wireless Thermometer

TempTraq® gives parents peace of mind and children the rest they need to get better.

2015 04 15 TempTraqMichael Front Cover

Blue Spark Technologies created TempTraq to ease the stress, worry and physical discomfort of having to take a child's temperature. Ideal for today's busy parents, TempTraq is the first and only 24-hour intelligent thermometer that continuously senses, records and sends alerts of a child's temperature to compatible Apple® and AndroidTM mobile devices through a dedicated mobile app.



TempTraq provides hands-free temperature monitoring for your child.

TempTraq is:

  • Wearable: The thin, flexible body temperature patch is constructed of safe-to-use, soft materials that are latex free and comfortable to wear.

  • Wireless: TempTraq uses wireless technology to send your child's temperature data to any nearby mobile device.

  • Continuously Monitoring: TempTraq provides 24-hour, wireless monitoring without disturbing your sick child.


The TempTraq-dedicated mobile app allows parents to monitor any temperature changes over a 24-hour period of use, while using a TempTraq patch. Key features :

  • At-a-glance current temperature display

  • Temperature alerts to tell you when a fever spikes

  • Easy data sharing to keep your doctor and family members informed

  • Notes to indicate when your child eats, drinks or takes medicine

For more informatoin and to purchase TempTraq, go to www.temptraq.com