Market-Driven Solutions

We understand that today’s product developers and manufacturers are concerned with global trends of portability, connectivity, automation, product safety, security, and environmental responsibility. These trends are driving companies to seek out new technologies and cost-effective solutions that can help them bring exciting products to market faster with the least possible environmental impact.

Among today’s popular product innovations are interactive greeting cards, functional electronic devices, sensor and data logging systems, radio frequency (RF)-enabled cards or tags designed to track products, speed transactions, and provide instant authentication. Our innovative, eco-friendly power source can deliver added value to these applications.

Blue Spark Technologies advantages include:

  • Cost effective – minimum capital investment, low material cost and scalable to high-volume production.
  • Attractive form factor – small size, slim profile,
    flexible and easy to customize.
  • Easy integration – for streamlined, low cost manufacturing
    and assembly.
  • Green and disposable – no harmful materials, fully meet
    EU’s RoHS directive.

So, if you are planning to develop an exciting new product – or if you would like an opportunity to move to a lower cost form factor for an existing product or system – take a look at the value Blue Spark’s thin printed batteries can deliver.

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