Blue Spark ST (Standard) Series – a highly popular choice that is well suited to a multitude of products and applications such as battery assisted RFID, RF-enabled sensor systems, powered cards and badges.

Blue Spark UT (Ultra Thin) Series - STI - 104The ST Series is our original patented thin printed battery design – is built on 1.5V carbon-zinc battery chemistry and provides the highest energy density in our product line. Voltages above 1.5V can be supplied by integrating multiple cells in series, into a single package. ST series batteries are typically capable of delivering peak drain currents of at least 1 mA.

The batteries offer a significantly thinner profile than existing button or coin batteries and are eco-friendly, meeting the European Union's RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) directive. Because they contain no harmful substances, the batteries are completely and safely disposable. The Blue Spark ST Series is well suited to a multitude of products and applications:

  • Battery-assisted RFID
  • RF-enabled sensor systems and data loggers
  • RFID smart cards and ID badges
  • Medical care devices
  • Cosmetic patches
  • Powered display customer loyalty and gift cards
  • Interactive consumer goods packaging
  • Merchandising displays
Battery Type:
Chemical System:
Initial Voltage:
Peak Drain Current:
Operating Temperature:
Exterior Casing:
Battery Terminals:
Environmentally Friendly:
Carbon Zinc (primary cell - non-rechargeable)
Zinc - Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2)
Multiples of 1.5 Volts (Actual Voltage: ≥1.6 Volts)
1 to 2 mA dependent on load
-30°C to 65°C (-22°F to 150°F)
Sealed unit cell
Polymer Laminate
Carbon black ink
No heavy metal components, such as Mercury, Lead or Cadmium

Product Line Matrix
Voltage Input
Peak Drain
mm (in)

mm (in)

microns (in)

110 ST1 V2 low res


30 mAh

1 - 2 mA

58 (2.28)

48 (1.87)

750 (0.029)

111-st1 lowres


54 mAh

1 - 2 mA

79 (3.10)

48 (1.87)

750 (0.029)

1 - Note: Total output capacity is dependent on operating conditions such as temperature, along with the size and duration of battery load.  Detailed discharge and test data available on request. Actual performance varies by design.
2 - Note: May support higher peak current for short pulse load applications.