Transdermal patches are increasingly being used in the health care and pharmaceutical industries for self-administered drug delivery through direct skin contact. There are currently many passive transdermal patches in the marketplace today, such as nicotine patches. However, the emergence of reliable Printed Electronics is spurring new and growing interest in battery-powered transdermal patches.

Some pharmaceutical industry experts assert that up to 50 percent of today’s injectable drugs could be effectively delivered through a battery-powered patch. Typical applications initially might include remedies for pain relief, wound care, and some cosmetic treatments. For patients, the benefits of self-administered transdermal patches are clear – no painful injections, less risk of infection, and no need for repeated visits to the doctor.

Blue Spark thin flexible printed batteries can be embedded within active transdermal patches to boost the drug absorption rate efficiency and reliability. A printed electronic circuit can also be added on the same thin, flexible substrate to accurately monitor the dosage.