Powered Cards, such as “smart cards,” printed display cards, single password proximity cards, and consumer loyalty and gift cards, have become a worldwide trend across a multitude of industries. These interactive powered cards make it possible for people to conduct cashless transactions, track a running balance, gain authorized regular or one-time access to secure sites or high-value technology assets – activities we would have thought impossible with a simple credit card-sized form factor.

Blue Spark’s low-cost thin printed battery solutions provide the perfect power source for all kinds of powered cards, for all kinds of applications. Our 1.5V carbon-zinc batteries offer the compact size, flat profile, flexibility and capacity required – plus they are affordable and completely eco-friendly for easy disposal at the end of the card’s service life. Blue Spark’s UT (hyperlink) Series batteries offer the perfect solution for powered card applications. At less than 500 microns (0.020”), it is the industries thinnest printed battery.

Industries that can benefit from Blue Spark battery solutions for their powered card applications include:

  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Entertainment & Hospitality
  • Transportation & Municipal Transit
  • Security & Access Control
Are you planning to develop a powered card product or system – or would like an opportunity to move to a lower cost form factor for your existing system?

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