Biobliss Anit-wrinkle Patch

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The Biobliss Patch is a revolutionary new skincare product that can be used in conjunction with current skin care regimens. With proven clinical safety and efficacy in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Biobliss users have been amazed by the results reducing wrinkles on the forehead and the crow’s feet area around the eyes. While traditional wrinkle creams simply sit on the surface of your skin, requiring hours of wear time for absorption to occur, the Biobliss Patch operates using a micro-current process that gently pushes dermatologist-approved anti-wrinkle ingredients to the surface of the skin. These well-known wrinkle-fighting ingredients, recognized for their ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, are able to diffuse into the surface of the skin much more rapidly as compared to standard creams, reducing the time to see results from weeks or months to just 30 minutes.


The Biobliss patch micro-current process is made possible through the use of conductive and printed materials along with Blue Spark’s thin, flexible, printed battery technology. Both the printed materials and Blue Spark’s printed batteries utilize high volume, roll-to-roll screen-printing processes for efficient manufacturing. The net result is a thin, flexible, disposable, micro-current delivery mechanism that conforms to the skin and is soft to the touch. The perfect application for printed electronics.

Iontera reached out to Blue Spark in 2012, when Iontera was in the development phase if its Biobilss patch. Blue Spark’s thin, printed, eco-friendly, batteries were a perfect fit for the soft, conformal anti-wrinkle patches. “Printed electronic technology was the key enabler to the soft, conformal qualities of the BIOBLISS patch,” commented Iontera’s CEO, Chris Hobson, “Blue Spark’s printed batteries provide the quality, reliability, and flexibility needed for this ground breaking product.” John Gannon, Blue Spark President and CEO, notes: “The combination of Iontera’s BIOBLISS micro current delivery system and Blue Spark’s printed battery technology has resulted in great commercial success for the printed electronics industry.”

BIOBLISS was originally launched in professional spas and salons. Following on that success, the product was picked up by high end US retailers Bergdorf Goodman and Nieman Marcus. In January 2014 the product debuted to critical success on the Home Shopping Network TV outlet, selling out the forehead product in just twenty minutes. BIOBLISS is on track to be distributed by two additional major US retailers by mid-2014. As of March 2014 Biobliss had sold over 20,000 of each of the eye and forehead patch products, with projections of over four times that quantity to be sold in 2014. In April, 2014 printed electronics industry group IDTechEX announced that Blue Spark and Iontera were awarded the best commercialization award in printed electronics at the IDTechEX Printed Electronics Europe 2014 show.

The use of thin, flexible, printed electronic elements in this product highlights the true value of printed electronics in body wearable devices. This is both for the conformal capabilities and PE’s ability to create new and interesting shapes not possible with traditional electronics. Printed electronics also lend themselves to high volume, roll-to-roll process for laminating and converting that are also not possible with rigid electronics.

The Biobliss product is a clear example of success, marrying printed electronics with a value proposition that consumers are willing to pay for.

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