TempTraq Wearable Wireless Thermometer

TempTraq® gives parents peace of mind and children the rest they need to get better.

2015 04 15 TempTraqMichael Front Cover

Blue Spark Technologies created TempTraq to ease the stress, worry and physical discomfort of having to take a child's temperature. Ideal for today's busy parents, TempTraq is the first and only 24-hour intelligent thermometer that continuously senses, records and sends alerts of a child's temperature to compatible Apple® and AndroidTM mobile devices through a dedicated mobile app.

Biobliss Anit-wrinkle Patch

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The Biobliss Patch is a revolutionary new skincare product that can be used in conjunction with current skin care regimens. With proven clinical safety and efficacy in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Biobliss users have been amazed by the results reducing wrinkles on the forehead and the crow’s feet area around the eyes. While traditional wrinkle creams simply sit on the surface of your skin, requiring hours of wear time for absorption to occur, the Biobliss Patch operates using a micro-current process that gently pushes dermatologist-approved anti-wrinkle ingredients to the surface of the skin. These well-known wrinkle-fighting ingredients, recognized for their ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, are able to diffuse into the surface of the skin much more rapidly as compared to standard creams, reducing the time to see results from weeks or months to just 30 minutes.