Blue Spark and Novalia Partner to Design and Develop Creative, High Value, Interactive Printed Electronics Products
Using technologies such as ICs, conductive inks and Blue Spark printed batteries, Novalia envisions a vast market for “Interactive Printed Media.”

Blue Spark Technologies Announces Closing of $1.5 Million Series B Funding Cleveland, Ohio, USA — July 31, 2009 — Blue Spark Technologies, Inc., the leading designer and manufacturer of thin, flexible, green printed

Blue Spark Technologies CEO Gary Johnson Showcases Breakthrough Thin Battery Technology on CNBC’s ‘Tech Effect’ Program CNBC segment also features ABI Research RFID analyst Michael Liard who cites the ‘limitless potential’ for printed batteries within battery assisted passive applications.

Innovations in Battery Assisted Passive RFID Unveiled by Blue Spark Technologies Cleveland, Ohio, USA — June 9, 2009 —The next wave of innovation in the RFID market — Battery-Powered Passive RFID is set to power new and emerging applications in manufacturing, supply chain,

PODCAST: Printed Batteries—An Interview with Gary Johnson, President and CEO of Blue Spark John Edwards   |  June 6, 2009 Although not yet powerful enough to drive everyday products like cell phones or digital cameras, an emerging generation of thin, flexible, paper-based batteries is now finding a home powering tiny label displays, smart cards, RFID tags and other mobile devices requiring only modest amounts of energy.