Welcome to Blue Spark Technologies, the world’s leading producer of thin, flexible printed battery solutions. This is the place if you are looking for an innovative, eco-friendly and cost effective printed power source. Our technology can help you generate new and creative product designs or improve the cost structure and energize the performance of your existing products.

Blue Spark’s printed, carbon-zinc batteries are “Powering Innovation™” for OEMs, product design engineers and system integrators in industry applications ranging from food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, healthcare and medical diagnostics, to “smart cards”, radio frequency (RF)-based sensors and RFID tags, interactive packaging, merchandising displays, consumer products and novelty items.

We are proud of the fact that our advanced printed battery technology is built on intellectual property (IP) and management expertise from the Eveready Battery Company (now Energizer). Today, we work closely with designers and integrators to provide cost-effective thin battery solutions that can be customized to meet specific application needs - while reducing manufacturing costs and paving the way for new and innovative product development and penetration of new markets for revenue growth.